Do you know how to use your sewer?

​​​​​​​​​​​​​Only use your sewer and toilet for the things they are intended for and sort all other waste as appropriate. 

You can flush down

  • toilet bowl water: toilet paper and human waste
  • dish washing waters and laundry waters
  • water used for washing or cleaning.

​Tip! Place a waste basket in your toilet, which makes it easy to throw away trash appropriately.

What do sewer divers think of throwing trash in the toilet? Watch our videos below!

​Grease - the greatest e​​​nemy of sewers

A grease blockage is the most usual reason for sewer blockages in homes. The grease congeals in the sewer and gradually forms a blockage. ​At worst, the grease blockage may have to be cut out of the pipes. The grease congealed in the sewer also causes an odour problem and attracts rats to the sewers. 

​​Prevent grease blockages by sort​ing your waste as follows.

Dispose of solid or congealed fats and small amounts of liquid fats absorbed in tissue paper in biowaste containers. Wipe fat remains from the frying pan with kitchen paper and throw the paper amongst bio-waste.

Dispose of liquid fats in sealed packages in mixed waste containers. Liquid fats include, among others, fried ham fat, oils used for deep-frying, oil sauces from feta cheese and olive jars and cans.

Tips for reus​​ing oil and grease

• Season salads, sauces and potatoes with the oil from feta cheese and olive jars.
• Use the fat from cooking ham for frying or as a gravy base.
• Reuse the oil used for deep-frying: filter the used oil and store in a cool place.