Leave the meltin​​g of frozen service piping to professionals

​​​The freezing winter temperatures and frost pose a challenge to the water service network, causing pipe leakages, but the cold may also affect service piping and water meters of properties. When water meters freeze, they break. If the water meters freeze, changing them could take several days during busy times.

A professio​​nals melts a fr​​ozen water meter

Melting a frozen pipe should always be done by professionals. The only correct method is steam or water melting. The water meter is removed and the pipe is melted with a steam or water hose from the direction of the water meter. This way, the melted water spills out near the meter. 

The melting process should be carried out in a deliberate and systematic manner.  If the pipe is melted from the wrong place, such as the middle of the pipe, the water melts and may break the pipe by extending. If you melt pipes by yourself, you may cause serious water damage. You can order melting work from private companies but HSY must be contacted if water service pipes need to be shut off. The replacement of a frozen water meter should always be ordered from the online department of HSY water service from the defect notification number, tel. +358(0)9 1561 3000.

Prevent freezing w​​ith ​​insulation

The properties themselves are liable for the costs caused by frozen water meters and service piping, so taking sufficient precautions will help to avoid unnecessary costs and water distribution stoppages. Frozen pipes are often due to weak or non-existent insulation. You can prevent the service piping from freezing by insulating the pipes carefully; especially those located less than two meters underground. You can also shovel snow on the connections of service piping to insulate them. 

You can also prevent the service piping from freezing by running tap water through them. Before allowing the water to run, however, you should ensure that the sewers are working well as they can freeze over in the winter, too. A frozen sewer becomes blocked, in which case running water will be discharged uncontrollably. This may cause serious moisture damage to your property. 

Water meters should also be protected against freezing and cold temperatures. The resident should ensure that the property’s water meter room is warm enough. It should also be ensured that the cold air cannot come in through the ventilation holes or doors of technical premises or the water meter room. Even minor freezing may break the meter’s glass cover and cause a sizeable water leakage.​​