Water posts

​​​​There are 102 water posts which are maintained by HSY. The water posts are located in different parts of the Helsinki Metropolitan Area. People can use the water posts to quench their thirst when being outdoors. 
Water posts are marked on the map below. The water posts are in use through the year, except posts marked in red. These are in use only during the summer months, from May to September. 

Apart from the water posts in public areas, some water posts are provided by properties. 


Historical background of water posts 

Up to late 19th century, wells throughout the Helsinki Metropolitan Area provided citizens' drinking water. Gradually the public wells were taken over by the fire department and the citizens started to fetch their drinking water from the water posts. Before water pipes were laid into the properties, water was fetched from the water posts and carried home. 

​Check out the water posts on a map